Terms and Conditions

Below you will find our general terms and conditions. These always apply when you place an order through our website (s) and contain important information that is important to you as a buyer. Therefore, read the general terms and conditions carefully. We also recommend that you save or print these terms and conditions so that you can read them again at a later time if necessary.
About us 

Worldwide Virtual Encryption Mart(WVEM)(Hero Nation Media OÜ), located at Tartu maakond, Tartu linn, Narva mnt 27, 51009 with registration Number 16174908  (hereinafter, “we, us, etc.”). Via the website (s), customers (hereinafter, “you”) can purchase credits, codes, etc. for various services. We only supply the codes that can be used at external service providers for which the code is suitable and / or where it can be redeemed. Worldwide Virtual Encryption Mart(WVEM) is a channel for digital codes through different suppliers. Worldwide Virtual Encryption Mart(WVEM) only provides the service of passing and delivering codes.

Because we only provide the codes, we are not responsible, liable, etc. for any problems that you as a customer have at or with these third parties. For all problems, questions, disputes and possible conflicts with legal regulations arising from the agreement that you as a customer have or enter into with these third parties, you should contact these third parties.

You indemnify us against all claims from third parties, in whatever form, that are related to the ordered from us.

Applicability, Formation and Implementation 

These general terms and conditions apply to all offers, agreements and deliveries of Online Prepaid Services, only when otherwise agreed in writing.

The agreement is concluded at the time of acceptance by you as a customer. That moment is the last step in the ordering process, by clicking on the order button. From that moment you are obliged to pay and we are obliged to deliver.

We will confirm this agreement by email. You are responsible for entering the correct email address, on which you will also receive the order. If an incorrect address is stated, we cannot still deliver the order to a different address.

The order will be sent to you by email after successful payment. The delivery time depends on the chosen payment method. You will be informed about this on the website (s).

The agreement is stored by us in our database.

Due to the nature of digital purchases, it is unfortunately not possible to return them.


All prices, as stated on our website, include VAT and any other surcharges and additional costs. An additional amount can only be charged for certain payment methods. These costs can be found on the website.

The content of the website has been compiled with the greatest care. However, we cannot guarantee that all information on the website is correct and complete at all times. All prices and other information on the website (s) and in other materials originating from us are therefore subject to possible programming and typing errors.

You can make the payment with us via Creditcards,Bank transfer,PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and  Cytocurrency

Return Policy 
Due to the nature of digital purchases, it is unfortunately not possible to return them. On the other hand, the codes are purchased from reliable suppliers, so that the operation of the codes can be guaranteed. If an accessory is not to your liking, it can be returned to us, if the accessory is in new condition, we will return the amount that has been paid.
Personal data 
We process your personal data in accordance with the privacy statement published on the website.
Insofar as not dictated otherwise by mandatory law, all disputes if they arise as a result of the agreement will be submitted to the competent  court.
If a provision in these general terms and conditions proves to be invalid, this will not affect the validity of the entire general terms and conditions. In that case, together with you, we will determine (a) new provision (s) to replace, which adheres to the intention of the original provision as much as possible.
Contact details 
If you have any questions, complaints or comments after reading these general terms and conditions, please feel free to contact us in writing or by e-mail.
Contact details
Hero Nation Media OÜ
Worldwide Virtual Encryption Mart
Registration Number :  16174908
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