Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my order?
Digital product:
 After your payment you will receive a digital code from us. This code will be sent to your mailbox. You can then redeem the code immediately. If you have a Worldwide Virtual Encryption Mart(WVEM) account, you can always find the download code in your order history.

Physical product:  After payment has been made, we will send the relevant accessory as soon as possible. As soon as the package has been SHIPPED, we will send the track and trace code so that you can track your order.

How can I redeem my code?
The instructions to redeem the code will be sent to your mailbox with the code. For help you can always contact us via support mail sales@wvem.com. You can redeem your code via the appropriate app, website or console. For example, you can easily exchange a Steam game via the official Steam App, for Googleplay Giftcard code you go to the Googleplay App and redeem and you activate a Playstation card in the PlayStation Store.

How can I pay at Worldwide Virtual Encryption Mart(WVEM)?
Payments can be made via Bank transfer and Cytocurrency. Furthermore, Worldwide Virtual Encryption Mart(WVEM) accepts Creditcard and Paypal payments. As soon as the payment has been processed, you will receive the code by e-mail or we will send the accessory.

Which products does Worldwide Virtual Encryption Mart(WVEM) sell?

  • Gift cards  – at Worldwide Virtual Encryption Mart(WVEM) you can quickly and easily buy gift cards for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo. Are you looking for an Xbox Giftcard, Nintendo Giftcard or PSN Card (PlayStation Network Card)? As a gamer you can top up your credit quickly and reliably at Worldwide Virtual Encryption Mart(WVEM).
  • Store Cards – with store cards like ebaygiftcard and amazon , you can easily arranged and always immediately a working code to purchase goods from these store online or instore.
  • Digital games and add-ons  – of course you can buy a Nintendo eShop Card to order Super Mario games from Nintendo eShop. But you can also buy a digital game directly on Worldwide Virtual Encryption Mart(WVEM), such as FIFA, Grand Theft Auto, Assassin’s Creed and various other games. You can choose from Nintendo Switch games, Xbox One games, and PC games (including computer games for Mac). Finally, at Worldwide Virtual Encryption Mart(WVEM) you can also buy various DLC (Downloadable Content) and add-ons for your favorite game.

How can I reach you?
Do you need help redeeming your digital code? Or did something go wrong? We are happy to help you. Our friendly customer service is available 7 days a week via email (sales@wvem.com) 

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